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BNRC is a Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facility ran by a board consisting of community leaders. Without shareholders and corporate dividends to contend with, service at BNRC is focused solely on the needs and comfort of their patients. With the ever changing face of healthcare, BNRC continues to improve and expand our programs to meet the needs of the community. A specialized Memory Care Unit was added in October of 2014. People living with and affected by Dementia receive care in a safe, supportive environment, promoting health, independence, and social interaction. Whether you need skilled medical services, rehabilitaion therapies, or simply come to BNRC to live, BNRC is the "Best Nursing Facility" around.


Activity Department

Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation offers a rich activities program designed to keep all our residents and patients engaged, and anticipating what each new day might hold. Whether our guests are here for a short rehabilitative stay or have chosen to make Bangor Nursing their home, our goal is to ensure that everyone's interests and leisure pursuits are met.


  1. Conversation Groups
  2. Outside Musical Entertainment
  3. Summertime Barbeques
  4. Community Outings
  5. Large Screen Movie Events
  6. Full service Beauty & Barber shop
  7. Computers with internet access
  8. Monthly Belgian Waffle Breakfast
  9. Wii & other gaming systems
  10. Arts & Crafts
  11. Bingo and other Board Games
  12. Gardening & Cooking groups
  13. Guest speakers & Presentations
  14. Personalized Music Programming
  15. Pet therapy
  16. Exercise & Fitness groups
  17. Religious & Spiritual Services
  18. Birthday Socials
  19. Holiday & Seasonal Celebrations
  20. Specialized Memory Care Activities


Your entertainment choices are important:
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Dietary And Dining Services

We take your dining experience seriously. Whether you are here for short-term rehabilitation or are a resident of long standing, we want you to look forward to every meal. So we strive to serve meals that not only look appetizing, but taste as good as they look.

Our meals are prepared fresh each day. We use fresh fruit and vegetables in season, and cut and cook our meats in the kitchen - we do not use frozen product when fresh food is available. We have salt and sugar substitutes for those who prefer these, and provide them both on the tables in the dining room and with the tray carts for delivery to each room.

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Social Services

Throughout your stay our licensed Social Services professionals will work to make your transition a personal experience, whether your at first entering our facility, leaving after receiving care, or simply coping with the many changes of life as a resident.  Our Social Worker is here to help in those personal decisions and broad care issues. The social worker works to  identify a resident's psychosocial, mental, and emotional needs along with providing, developing, and aiding in the access of services to meet those needs. The Social Worker adheres to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics along with strict adherence to government regulations.



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