Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center believes that your care is paramount.

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Welcome to our Facility !

Whether you need skilled medical services, rehabilitation therapies or simply come to our center to live, Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation is the best in the area. Not only do we provide exceptional care, we also have the following amenities at no cost for your therapeutic and recreational needs:

WiFi available free in all rooms
Nintendo Wii for Activities and Therapy
Phones in all rooms
Cable TV free in all rooms
Excellent meals (provided by Unidine®)

Rehab Team

The Dining Room at Thanksgiving

Our physical, occupational and speech therapies are uniquely provided in-house 7 days a week by our own professional rehabilitation team to help you recover in the shortest possible time. To enable you to track your progress, we provide an individualized set of goals to enable a safe return home, and personally update you on your progress toward these goals during your stay.

Often individuals have multiple needs, and 24/7 skilled medical care is a necessity. Our skilled nursing staff, working together with rehabilitation, social service, activities and dietary, delivers excellent clinical outcomes. We provide extensive medical care coordinated by the development of an individual care plan and reviewed by an interfunctional team of medical professionals.